Children of the Singularity is a short documentary series that invites young people to push back against any singular story of “progress.” With a speculative sensibility and verité documentary style, Children of the Singularity encourages young people to question the forces that shape pervasive digital technologies, and imagine alternative futures. Through intergenerational dialogues and reflective interviews, each episode challenges parents and youth to work through the dissonance between ideals, realities, and blind spots. By linking technological futures with personal histories, Children of the Singularity opens a larger conversation about interdependence in an era of atomization.

Screening at NAVEL, Los Angeles

Not My Utopia curated by Megan Daalder and Zeesy Powers, Pleasure Dome, Toronto, Canada

NAVEL, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Be a Better Being, Galerie der Schader-Stiftung, Darmastadt, Germany

In The Flesh curated by Courtney Malick, Diet Gallery, Miami, Fl, USA

Installed as part of “In the Flesh II,” Curated by Courtney Malick