#performance installation

Eureka and the Biomass is a Beauty and the Beast for the 22nd century. Through original music, lo-fi special effects, and an eight foot puppet this sci-fi musical brings an alien form of nature to life and questions the future of our ecological relationships.

The year is 2100, and a period of climate change has radically altered ecosystems around the world. A biotechnology company called Synthetic Earth Corporation has designed, patented, and grown an organism called the Biomass to help stabilize the carbon cycle. When Eureka, a young woman raised during the peak of ecological collapse, is hired as the janitor at Synthetic Earth Corp, she has no idea that she is just one security door away from an unlikely return to Eden.

Eureka and the Biomass was performed at 5 Car Garage in 2014 where it was installed as part of a solo gallery exhibition.