#guerilla performance

“Painting the Town is a playful, physical interaction with the scenery of downtown Los Angeles. Using the cinematic language of chroma-keying (also known as “green screen”), Daalder traverses the city, blending in and out of her surroundings as she intersects with its occupants - both living and inanimate. Daalder’s work displays a curiosity in the underrepresented areas of downtown. The artist gives screen time to the alleyways and homeless population that also make up a large part of the L.A. cityscape, creating a record that counterbalances the numerous representations of iconic sites and glamorous boulevards. Using this ubiquitous entertainment-industry technology and treating the city as a real-life stage, Daalder’s video explores the distinction, or lack thereof, between Los Angeles as a set piece and functional metropolis.”

- From Staging Los Angeles: Reality, Fantasy, and the Space Between at USC’s Roski Gallery


Freewaves ‘Out The Window’ Project
Los Angeles City Busses, LA, CA
Staging Los Angeles: Reality, Fantasy, and the Space Between, Roski MFA Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
LIFE TRANSMISSIONS, Guggenheim Gallery, Orange, CA
Feminist Festival of Media Arts + Digital Culture, Montreal, Canada
Immaginare/Assentarsi, Palermo, Italy
CologneOFF, Cologne International Videoart Festival, Cologne, Germany
Ludere, Life and Environment, São Paulo, Brazil
Side Street Projects, ArtNight Pasadena, Pasadena, CA

#hybrid documentary
"Teenage Mutiny UWS" is a story of rebellion centered around The Lucerne, a luxury hotel in New York City turned temporary homeless shelter during the Covid-19 pandemic. Over the course of several months, the Lucerne became a symbolic battleground, dividing a historically liberal, wealthy neighborhood and holding press attention.

"Teenage Mutiny UWS" documents neighborhood activism and local media spin from the perspective of a fictional "tiktok teen" @trustfundkiddy. As the events unfold, @trustfundkiddy is galvanized to break an intergenerational cycle of disenfranchisement through an absurd tribute to Patty Hearst.


Mirror Launch Event, Spectra Gallery, LA, CA
ANITFADA Twitch Stream, Worldwide
Woodbine Social Center, NYC NY
IMA Studio Quarterly, Hunter College, NYC
“Integrated Channels,” Hunter College, NYC



Children of the Singularity is a short documentary series that invites young people to push back against any singular story of “progress.” With a speculative sensibility and verité documentary style, Children of the Singularity encourages young people to question the forces that shape pervasive digital technologies, and imagine alternative futures. Through intergenerational dialogues and reflective interviews, each episode challenges parents and youth to work through the dissonance between ideals, realities, and blind spots. By linking technological futures with personal histories, Children of the Singularity opens a larger conversation about interdependence in an era of atomization.

Screening at NAVEL, Los Angeles

Not My Utopia curated by Megan Daalder and Zeesy Powers, Pleasure Dome, Toronto, Canada

NAVEL, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Be a Better Being, Galerie der Schader-Stiftung, Darmastadt, Germany

In The Flesh curated by Courtney Malick, Diet Gallery, Miami, Fl, USA

Installed as part of “In the Flesh II,” Curated by Courtney Malick
#revisionist cinema

I re-edited the 1939 Hollywood classic Ninochka in an act of reverse propaganda. The film stars Greta Garbo as a communist envoy who falls in love with an American in Paris and abandons her politics. I decided to reverse the story to preserve her revolutionary spirit.


SALON: Biopsy, Women's Center for Creative Work, LA, CA

#sculpture performance
The Mirrorbox is an ongoing investigation into shared identity. The device provides an intimate space for two people at a time. After putting their heads into a futuristic helmet, the participants stand face to face and observe their features blending together in real time. When used repeatedly or for long durations, this illusion of sharing a face can produce an embodied feeling of Empathy.

This installation prompted a scientific study in collaboration with graduate students at USC's Center for Brain and Creativity Institute.



  • Top Prize at WRO Media Arts Biennial
  • People's Choice Poster Award at the Entertainment Software and Cognitive Neurotherapeutics Society
  • ARC Completion Grant


2021 “Mind Mirrors: Empathy in Art and Neuroscience,” smART Space, Science Museum Oklahoma

2019 After Dark at The Exploratorium, San Fransisco, CA

2018 "Hyperobjects," Curated by Laura Copelin and Timothy Morton, Ballroom Marfa, Marfa, TX

2017 MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation, Santa Barbara, CA

2017  "NADA NYC," Skylight Clarkson North, NY, NY

2015  "Bouillants No. 7: Gender," Bouillants Art Center, Vern-Sur-Seiche, France

2011 WRO 14th Media Art Biennale, National Museum, Wroclaw, Poland

2011 "Sans Vous, Rien Ne Se Fera," Mains D’Ouevres, Saint-Ouen, France